What does the name mean?  If you have had some Asian influence in your life you probably already know that Baba is another endearing term for Dad.  I am not Asian myself, but my wife is from Nepal.  My two boys have called me Baba since they could talk.

I am a geek and proud of it, as the trend seems to be going.  I define a geek as anyone who obsesses about any given topic.  Whether it is cars or board games, just about anyone can be a geek.  Calling this company Baba Geek Games succinctly describes what we are about.  Making games to bring families and friends together.

Who is Baba Geek?

Software engineer by day, family man and master tinkerer by night.  I love to make things and have my family test them.  Most of the time no one gets hurt.  Growing up playing games was a way of life that I somehow got away from.  Within the last few years I was re-introduced to board games, and man had I missed some things.  This naturally led my creative half to start brainstorming, which led to Baba Geek Games.

What we do

Find a problem and solve it.  The first problem I am solving is for my two boys. They each have their own stumbling blocks with stories.  One loves to read, but doesn't know that he is a creative story teller.  The other is trying to find motivation to read.  I wanted to solve these issues with a cool game, but I couldn't find something that fit.  This sparked an idea of where to start.  Robit Riddle addresses these problems and will be the first title that we produce.

Who we are

Right now... it is just me, Kevin Craine.  I have many people helping me create these games, and I cannot thank all those people enough, but right now I am the only employee of Baba Geek Games.  Hopefully I will do a good enough job to change this in the future.