Robit Riddle Version 9 through 11 - Now for Something Completely Different

From iterating on art and mechanics I switched to focusing on the graphic design with a little bit of mechanics thrown in when I could get unblocked.

Graphic Design

With my mechanics loosely set with the Fate Accelerated RPG system, I was ready to tackle something completely different.

I was personally blocked with the graphic design so I had my friend Bobby Fowler give me a hand. He laid out everything and we worked together iterating on the design. At this point I didn't change the mechanics much, just let things percolate in the back of my mind.

After Bobby helped get me unstuck, I took over the design work with him acting like an Art Director, giving me feedback on my work.

You can see the difference between version 8 and 9 above. It was pretty drastic. This gave me the starting point to tweak. I added custom icons to each card on version 10. And at version 11 added the idea of linking the robots with their pet robits (which is why there is a fade on the right hand side of the title bars).

The last change of adding robits was an idea that many people liked. However as we will learn later, just because people like it doesn't always mean it is the best thing.