Kicking It Into Overdrive

The Lazy Way

I have been working on Robit Riddle for just about a year. It isn’t my first game, but the first one that I feel has market potential. I have been slowly tinkering away on it until about two months ago.

This game was an answer to a problem for me and my family. I wanted something to play with my boys. My youngest loved my wife and I reading books to him, but didn’t like to read himself. He believed reading was too hard.  My oldest was a great reader but thought he couldn’t come up with his own stories.  There wasn’t a lot out there that would address these two issues.

I got the game to a point where it was good to play with them, and I would tinker with it here and there. I had decided to try and bring it to market, but even then it was just a slow going side project.



What triggered the overdrive was submitting it to a local game designer showcase. This focused my brain and my desire to see this thing get out into the public. I didn’t even know if I was going to be accepted or not but I did notice my drive increased. Once my passion increased so did the quality of my game. It was becoming much more engaging.

Once i caught the bug from just submitting to a local showcase I started looking for more ways to reach the public. I signed up for conventions, especially ones that catered to up and coming designers/games.

I write this entry as I get ready for GenCon. This will be the first time I expose my game outside of my family and my local game design group. I am super excited about the feedback I am going to get, good or bad. I am resolved to see Robit Riddle come to market. As such, I am resolved to make it a great game that people will love to play.