GenCon, There and Back Again a Designers Story: Conclusion

GenCon is THE tabletop game convention in the states, or at least that is what I have been told. I figured it was time that I went to a big board game convention to show off Robit Riddle to the world, well to the 50 or so people that I got to show it to.

This will be a three part series on my preparations, experiences, and reflections of GenCon 2015 as a first time attendee and game designer.


Part 3: The Recovery

My flights were delayed and all the usual joys of airline travel kicked in on the way back. I waited in airports, and relaxed. I also got to meet everyone else that was leaving GenCon and got stuck as well.

At this point I felt very at ease talking with people. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone was the greatest thing that happened to me at GenCon. This is one skill that I am very happy to have. I will have to keep using this new found pastime in order to keep it fresh.

While on the planes I would write articles, like this one, and record more notes from the show. After getting back to my bed after midnight I crashed. The next day I recovered physically and mentally. Trying not to tax my system at all.

I will be heading back next year for GenCon, hopefully with a game that is published, or on kickstarter. 


Lessons Learned:

  • I thought I was ready, but I wasn’t, and that is good.
  • Going by myself was hard, but worth it from the forced networking perspective.
  • Learn to read body language.
  • FEPH hall is amazing and well worth the money; get guaranteed players, and can squat and get more playtests.
  • Write down who you meet, how, where, and what you talked about.
  • Take lots of notes, don’t rely on feedback forms, they are meant to supplement great notes.
  • Take pictures of people playing your game.
  • Play other designers' games.

Next year:

  • Read Bamboozled Brothers steps section on talking to publishers and follow it
  • Make arrangements early
  • Use Airbnb maybe, closer is better, more networking is better
  • Use Uber or Lyft always
  • Suitcase check on last day at nearby hotel (none in convention hall, what the?!?)