Robit Riddle Version 14 through 16 - The Journeys End

With the mechanics fairly set, I set off on the 2016 convention series. These last versions saw some minor changes from convention to convention. Just refining the mechanics laid out in version 12 & 13. It was during this time that I also accomplished one major piece, the rulebook.

I completely rewrote the rulebook. It needed it! I had a completed rulebook from the 2015 convention circuit that I knew was awful. People were able to read the rules and play the game, but there was a huge amount of page flipping back and forth, and a little confusion about the encounters (because at that time the encounters were still confusing).

With the new rules everything was greatly simplified. The biggest change was the size. I was aiming for a small box before, so the rulebook was small. But now that my game was going to be much bigger than originally planned, I could have a full size rulebook. This and rearranging everything so it flowed opened up the rulebook and made it much easier to read and comprehend.

Beep's character card over most of the iterations.

Beep's character card over most of the iterations.

Other than the rulebook some of the changes I made were very small like tweaking the new action icons a little. Some were much more visible like dropping the gear icons off the character cards to create a common pool of story tokens for all players. But nothing was a glaring thing that needed fixing.

What this told me is that the game was basically done. As I received less and less feedback I knew it was ready for the next step. So, when I say journeys end, what I really mean is the final changes to the design and development, because the next steps are huge.

The next step in this case is getting ready for a Kickstarter campaign. This is a huge endeavor, that I am learning a ton about. Hopefully my hard work will show off in what people see, and hopefully that will translate into people wanting to support Robit Riddle.