Robit Riddle Version 13 - The Start of the End

While version 12 laid much of the ground work that is now Robit Riddle it had more obstacles to overcome. The smoothness of the encounters while better, where not as smooth as I would like. But now I was going to fix it!

Version 13 is where all this came into shape. I decided to change a few things this round since everything had gone so well with the last set of change.

  • Approaches to Actions
    • Renamed Approaches to Actions
    • Reduced to only 3
    • Replaced names with icons
  • Dice change
    • Dice are for rolling number of successes by players
    • Results compared to target of encounter
    • Put icons on dice
  • Story tokens spent to Story Cues

Reducing Fate

The approaches changes made it so that the only vaguely recognizable thing left in the game from Fate where the Story Cues (aspects). The streamlining of the game with these changes was huge. The storybook encounters got simpler, the players weren't overloaded with choices, the cards were easier to understand. It just all fit.

Dice... Nailed It!

Since the first version, I had been hunting for the dice system. This was the answer. This finally solved the clunkiness issues and was very apparent in the playtests. Let me tell you this felt so good after so long!

The players roll dice equal to their chosen action stat. Their targets were whatever that stat showed in the book. When they roll, they are looking for targets, X means they miss, a gear means they gained a story token. It is simple to understand, and flowed really well.

Story Tokens

This change wasn't as big, but improved the flow so much. Instead of spending story tokens back to a bank, they got spent to the story cue that they were played on. The reason this helped is it solidified the action in the players mind. It had the secondary benefit of making the story cues one play per game, which forced more creativity.


This version is basically what the game is today, with some cleanup in the next versions. It is with this version that I finally said that I was ready to move forward with 2016 convention season.