Robit Riddle Version 2 - Life, the Universe, Everything

In version 2, I try to answer all the things and of course fail. In this fun look back at my previous versions you can see some of the core idea's forming. Just 11 more versions to go... as of now.

Version 2

I decided a non-human character world was needed. I thought this because it quickly gets people out of thinking about reality and start thinking... well... anything. I tossed a lot of different ideas around, but robots is what stuck. Thus was born Robit Riddle.

I also started coming up with stats and different game elements. My core was tweaked slightly to:

  • Light RPG
  • Characters not human
  • Silly
  • Fun
  • No DM needed
  • Small
  • Quick <= 30 min
  • Inexpensive
  • Ages 5 and up with an adult
  • Dice
  • “Choose your own adventure”
  • Learning (A little educational)

I started writing the book in earnest and came up with quick card layouts. This is the version that laid out the foundation for everything. Characters, Encounters, Locations, Items, the Book, etc. But it was definitely crude and in need of drastic changes.


Main player character cards.

Main player character cards.

So many things have changed! I had experience levels which would increase your attributes (which were a 4 sided die per attribute). Plus special abilities. The only thing that is vaguely the same is I still have a form of attributes.

This was also when I had more focus on traditional role playing things like stats, and less on story telling. This is because my mind always starts with these kinds of details.


These were just a card with a name of the location. This mechanic hasn't changed much, as you adventure through the book heading to different places you draw the card that matches.

After my playtest of this version lots needed to change. I needed more focus, so I went back to my core list.